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Written by basilbub and tagged by Somewaywardson 

1. How do you get most of your characters? Adopted / designed yourself / from friends
Designed them myself, most developed from years ago when younger to how they are now.

2. What character are you proudest of??? Can be for design, story, both - or some other reason!
Kodama or Xenon/X, due to how long I've had them, how much they changed over time to the point I can be proud of them. Kodama in the case of his design hasn't changed much over time but I feel his character has grown to be a more well-written form. Xenon in the case of oh my god he went from an edgelord to a well-rounded character and fun story.

3. Tell me the bios of some of your characters in one sentence, making them as misleading and ridiculous sounding as possible.
Twink ghost wolf who fits more with living beings than ghosts
Sinful vagabond stripper who has the social skills of a stick
Streetfighting kinky tall canine stuck living a lie
Literal masked villain causing chaos for sheer fun

4. Any pairings between your characters that you love? What about them makes them a great pair?! Doesn't have to be romantic if you want, just talk about a cool dynamic!
OHGOD.. OK SO MANY. Kodama and Specter(half mine), the sweetest ghost with an awful demon as one of those so sinfully bad/good couples. Raimei and Koba's sibling relationship, Raimei having to earn money by street fighting and acting as a tough brute all while Koba uses their healing powers to make sure he's not in pain and knows how he truely is despite that act. Kodama and Sarir's friendship, Kodama being the first spirit to be nice to her, all while she can only hear ghosts but not see, trusting Kodama's kind words as the truth and being his first friend.

5. Take the characters you picked for question 3 and sum up their personalities in 5 words. 
** Somewhat outdated art
Kodama- Submissive, gullible, generous, optimistic, sheepish.
Xenon/X- Introverted, sarcastic, straightforward, sexually explicit.
Raimei- Deceptive, egotistical, stubborn, protective, shocking.
Maro- Disarray, bombastic, wicked, cunning, decisive.

6. Any character traits you really seem to lean to and have fun exploring with your ocs?
Each character has their own life, schedule, daily routines much like any person you meet. My way of making them feel real. Their character traits all growing around what goes on in life that somehow connects them all.

7. Fan characters?? y/n, and if yes, what fandoms? If you have closed species characters, include those! ahaha. If no  - talk about what kind of genre / setting you like to make characters in!
LISTEN HERE KIDDOS.. I live the life of sonic trash. Most of my ocs in this were at first sonic characters and have au's in the sonic forms. But I do have exclusively sonic fan characters. I also have gemsona from Steven Universe.

8. Name something you admire in other peoples' characters. It can be a friend, an idol, or maybe the characterization in a book/show you like. What do you aspire to emulate in the way you make characters?
Right away I'll say I admire people who have human oc's so much, like Somewaywardson , drawing humans is sOOO difficult so seeing friends who draw humans so good, kudos lovelies~. I also admire comic and doujin artists, the paneling, details and everything is just so beautiful. I hope to do that one day, even if just by myself.

9. Your biggest weakness when it comes to making characters / what's the hardest for you - go on, none of us are perfect!
PROBABLY THE FACT I HAVE TO MANY CHARACTERS MAYBE. Okay but for real, I'd say I worry very much how my characters may end up too same-y, with a lot of them that kind of snarky, sarcasm characters. 

10. Do you dreamcast your characters actors/voice actors who'd play them or think about your characters' themesongs? If yes, tell some!! If no or you don't feel like sharing, maybe describe how you think your characters talk / what music they like.
Okay but yes oh my gosh, I end up making voice headcanons moments after I create my characters. I watch a lot of english anime dubs, so I hear lots of voices to fit my characters. Themes are more of a side note.
Kodama- Spike Spencer's Shinji Ikari voice. (reload if page doesn't work.)
Xenon/X- Grant George's Shinjiro Aragaki voice.
Raimei- Crispin Freeman's Shizuo Heiwajima voice.

11. Pick one of your characters you don't think you'd get along with in real life, and describe why you feel that is and what about them clashes with you.
Jaiden, they are too extroverted, active and wild for my laid back self. Also the whole music stuff would be a major bother for me.

12. Pick a character that has changed a lot and list some ways they're different now, be it through design or story! And why you made the changes
I would say Kodama BUT he hasn't had as much of drastic change like Xenon/X has. He was some sonic fc edgyhedgie who was op as fuck and just a huge mess. The generic black and red, emo demigod mess. It's so embarrassing looking back. Like take all the tropes and cliches about edgy laboratory ocs and put it in a blender, that was him. NOW he's a very well rounded character who has a more down to earth relatable character. A much nicer looking design, also throwing in male-fanservice. Having a story some may know well, nonsupporting family kicking him out making X have to live off being a vagabond. Having no powers anymore to contrast how op he was back when first made, only having parkour skills now.

13. Pick a character you think you should be giving more love and write something about them RIGHTTT NOW!!! Can be a simple as making a few facts, deciding a personality trait, how they relate to one of your other characters - or you could literally write a blurb about them! Up to yoooou
BORIS, SINDRI AND CYS. THE THREE ARE SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT TO PLOT BUT.. I JUST AM AWFUL... my children.. I'm sorry I never draw you or write about you.

This was lots of fun! I tag Mai-Pie CobaltSuplex stingybee if you guys want to!


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